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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Working on a dream :Books can be a good place to start :)

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So to "kick start" my working on a dream project.
I bought a book called " The Wall Street Journal" - Complete Small Business Guidebook.
Written by: Colleen Debaise.
I will read it,and tell you how it is....

You may understand a bit more about my dream now.
- Working on a dream-


x&y said...

Hi!i'm in ypur blog for the 1° time...lovely blog, if you want came in by blog and add me in your feed!

Princess of many sorts. said...

Thanks for this lovely comment .
More content will be added in time...

I will check out your blogg...good luck blogging:)
Did you know that there is more then 12 mill blogg´s out there?

Have a good day. SP

x&y said...

Hello! wanted to ask you to pass on my blog for an initiative, if you like follow it!

Princess of many sorts. said...

I don´t understand what you want from me?
Do you just want me to follow?

If so...i will check out your blog, and then decide:)

Have a nice day...Working on a dream -

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